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Success Factors

Success Factors: The Top 10 Most Crucial Success Factors for High Performance Individuals seeking Success and Wealth in 2022.

Here are the 10 Best Success Factors to achieve Success in Life.



Success Factors

Success Factors


1. Find and appoint a great Wealth Mentor.

Easier said than done.  If you skip this step then you are being reckless with your future success and wealth.  An excellent mentor will ensure the most rapid growth path to future success and wealth, and he will help you to avoid the many pitfalls along the way.  Consider appointing a DollarBillionaire™ Mentor if you truly crave massive success and wealth.


2. Become a High Performance Individual by optimizing yourself, healing your heart and healing your relationships.

At the end of the day the success that you seek is going to come from within yourself.  No-one is going to gift you with success.  You need to optimize yourself.  To do this you need a personal mentor who will guide you step by step to achieve the most from your personal growth and self optimization.   Your Mentor should also assist you to come to terms with inner psychological damage.  Any bad relationships will hold you back so dealing with these matters is something that you need to attend to.  Damaging relationships with bad friends need to be terminated as a prerequisite to future success.


3. Learn, adopt, and maintain Billionaire Habits and Billionaire Routines.

You need a good mentor who will teach you the habits and routines of high performance individuals.  Seek out excellent billionaire habits and routines.  Implement them in your life and maintain them daily and forever.


4. Learn, adopt, and exercise a Billionaire Mindset and use Billionaire Words.

You need a good mentor who will deprogram your thinking away from a poor man’s way of approaching life.  You must drop the job based mindset and the mindset that believes that you must work for money.  Money must work for you.  An excellent mentor will teach you how to think like a billionaire and how to speak life into your goals and aspirations.


5. Learn and obey the Rules of Success and the Rules of Wealth.

There are rules to life.  There are rules to success and wealth.  Every time that you break a success rule you are destroying your potential future success.  Every time that you break a wealth rule you are destroying your potential future wealth.  This applies even if you do not know the rules of success and wealth.  You mentor will teach you these rules.  Then you must obey them.


6. Learn and implement the Secrets of Success and the Secrets of Wealth.

The secrets of success and wealth are called “secrets” because they are hidden from you.  You will not be taught these secrets at school.  You will not be taught these secrets at university.  MBA students are not taught these secrets.  They are secrets guarded by the very successful and very wealthy.  An excellent Mentor will teach you these secrets.  Then it is up to you to make use of this invaluable knowledge.


7. Cultivate in yourself the correct Business Skills.

Do not be deceived.  The correct business skills are not a degree, like an MBA.  Do not waste time and money, and in effect your life, by going after the wrong skills.  Your mentor will guide you regarding the skill set to chase after and nail down.


8. Choose a business wisely and create multiple Streams Of Income.

Your choice of business is one of the most important decisions that you will ever take.  Your choice here is vital to your future success.  Do not take these choices alone.  Find guidance and help from a competent wealth creation mentor.


9. Remain Focused at all times and Concentrate on the task at hand.

You absolutely need to focus on your well considered new business.


10. Have absolute Clarity about your goals and employ Creativity to achieve these goals, Persevering at all times until you do in fact succeed.

Clarity, Creativity and Perseverance are human qualities that an excellent mentor will help you to maintain at very high levels.

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More Detail Regarding Success Factors

Success Factors. Success Secrets. How to be Successful.

Success breeds Success. The Prosperous keep on Prospering.  The Rich keep getting Richer.  The Wealthy keep on getting Wealthier.

Where does that leave you?

Success Factors for Business Prosperity

What Success Factors do you need to activate?  Exactly how do you start on the Road to Success, Prosperity, Riches and Wealth?


How do you create the initial Success to keep on Succeeding?  How do you begin Prospering and then keep on Prospering?  How do you get the initial Riches to keep on getting Richer?  Where does the initial Wealth come from that will keep on making you even Wealthier?

Once you have accumulated a degree of Success, Prosperity and Wealth, what is the best way to take this to the next level and beyond?  Are there Success Factors that really help to achieve Prosperity, Abundance, Riches, and Wealth?


DollarBillionaire ™ has unlocked the answers to these difficult questions.  DollarBillionaire ™ has unlocked the Secrets to Success, Prosperity, Riches, Abundance and Wealth.  The great news is that these Success Secrets, Prosperity Secrets, Riches Secrets, Abundance Secrets, and Wealth Secrets are totally understandable and anyone can implement them if they really try to.  We will share the Top Ten Success Factors with you right here and now.  Here, for free, for your personal edification, are The 10 Most Crucial Success Factors for High Performance Individuals seeking Massive Wealth, Success Secrets used by countless wealthy individuals.



Here is the most important of the 10 Success Factors for High Performance Individuals:




Success Factor No1: Seek Mentoring from a World Class Success and Wealth Mentor.


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An in depth study undertaken by DollarBillionaire™ into Success Factors that accurately predict future success shows that the Most Sure Way, The Shortest Way, The Smartest Way, and The Ultimate Secret, to gain Success, Prosperity, Riches, Abundance and Wealth is simply this:  Success Factor Number One: 

Appoint, and be Mentored by, a World Class Success and Wealth Creation Mentor. 

A DollarBillionaire™ Wealth Creation Mentor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a mentor. 

Obviously this finding made us very happy, considering that our primary goal at DollarBillionaire™ is Wealth Mentoring.  It is also very sobering for us, since we carry a great responsibility to our Mentees.  We endeavor at all times to meet and exceed the requirements of this responsibility. 



Keep reading to find out what the other Top 9 Success Factors are.

IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS: We are not advising you here regarding being successful in a job, or a career, or a profession.  You can NEVER be hugely financially successful in a job or in a career or by following a profession.  Any form of employment comes with a very definite ceiling as regards earnings and wealth.  Here at DollarBillionaire ™ we are NOT mentors regarding having a good income with a JOB or a CAREER or a PROFESSION.  If you are seeking such help, here is a good article to read.  Our goals for you are much, much more.  We want to advise you how to be hugely successful, generating vast streams of income, and in the process amassing great wealth.  You need to walk into a new level of being, leaving employment behind you and walking into a life of huge success, vast multiple income streams, and massive wealth.  Part of this process involves moving away from an employee mindset or a professionals mindset.  For example, someone with an employee mindset will need to focus heavily on relationship building.  You need a new mindset, a Billionaire Mindset.  Here, as an example, with a Billionaire Mindset, relationship building does not even feature in the top 10 Success Factors.  Ready?  Read on.


After you have appointed a world class Success and Wealth Mentor, follow his teachings and also pay attention to the other 9 of the top 10 Success Factors for High Performance Individuals.  Read on to see all of the Top 10 Success Factors:  with No. 1 being the Most critically important Success Factor, and then working down to No. 10, being the least important of the 10 Success Factors.  There are in reality much more than 10 Success Factors.  This is simply a presentation of the Top Ten Success Factors, to get you started.  To learn them all, ask your Mentor for guidance.

The Top 10 Most Crucial Success Factors for High Performance Individuals.



Success Factor No.1: FIND A MENTOR

All of the Top Minds in the Wealth Creation World agree on this one very important step towards success.  If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” – Richard BransonBill Campbell mentored Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Eric SchmidtSteve Jobs mentored Mark ZuckerbergBill Gates was mentored by Warren Buffet.  If you really seek Success and great Wealth, then your first and best move should be to Find a Great Mentor.  Do not worry about the cost – this will be the best investment that you ever make.  Do whatever it takes to find your mentor, to have the funds to pay him, and then to form a lifelong relationship.



Your Mentor will advise and guide you, but it is you that creates the success.  No-one is going to give it to you.   You cannot inherit success, though you may inherit wealth.  Dead people do not change the world.  Being World Class is not an easy sport.  Your very next step after finding a great mentor, is to turn your Focus and Concentration inwards, to yourself,  Optimize everything about yourself.  Sleep.  Wake up Routine. Nutrition.  Hydration. Exercise.  Health.  Energy.  Stamina.  Vitality.  Detoxification. Brain Function.  IQ.  Memory.  Creativity.  Be very aware that classical thinking and standard teachings in this area are generally just plain wrong.  You also need to reach inwards, find the pain and hurt, and heal your heart.  Your Relationships need healing too.  Broken Open Sore Relationships will render you totally ineffective.  Your mentor will give you strong guidance here.  Implement everything that your mentor teaches you regarding becoming a High performance Individual, through Self Optimization, Heart Healing and Relationship Healing.



Your Motivation gets you going, but it is your Habits and Routines that keep you going.  When a sudden problem arises, a person does not rise to the occasion, rather, one sinks to the level of your habits.  And yes, bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with, while good habits are hard to form and easy to live with.  The need for a very High Standard of Habits and Daily Routines is Obvious.  A Routine is simply a collection of Habits that kick in at the same time in response to an event (like waking up).   Do not even attempt to design these yourself.  Life squeezes you into having a good job.  Jobs never make you really wealthy.  90% of people with jobs live month to month.  99% of teachings out there are to help you towards finding that great job.  If what you seek is mediocrity, then by all means look for a great job or profession, and base your habits and routines on “common sense”.  If, however, what you are seeking is Great Success, Huge Prosperity, and Massive Wealth then you need to learn Billionaire Habits and Billionaire Routines.  The best source of information on the topic of Billionaire Habits and Routines is your well chosen Mentor – not you Mom, School Teacher or University Professor.



We have all been programmed by life to study hard, get a job, work hard, save as much as possible and retire on our pensions.  This is job based mind programming.  Your mentor will help you with the very difficult task of undoing this job based mind programming and replacing it with a new way of thinking.  We call this new way of thinking a “Billionaire Mindset”.  DollarBillionaire ™ has spent countless hours on perfecting this art – the art of cultivating a Billionaire Mindset.  To Succeed on a grand scale you need a Billionaire Mindset.  You also need to compliment the Billionaire Mindset with Billionaire Words.  The Spoken Word, with the Right Words, Billionaire Words, backed up by strong Emotions and the right Intonation, carries Huge Power to Affect Change.  To create Massive Wealth you need a Billionaire Mindset and Billionaire Words.  Without this crucial change in your thinking and speaking you will forever remain “normal”, with average income, average success and average wealth.


Success Factor No.5: THE RULES.

These are the rules that you must not break.  Break them and there will be a price to pay.  Break them and your future Success and Wealth will be in jeopardy.  To enjoy Great Success, Wealth and Freedom you need to be educated on these Rules, so that you can avoid breaking them.  There are Health, Energy, Creativity and Vitality Rules. There are Bitcoin Rules, Money Rules, Gold Rules, Silver Rules, Platinum Rules, Palladium Rules, Copper Rules, Investment Rules, Business Rules, Entrepreneur Rules, Leadership Rules, Negotiation Rules, Motivation Rules, Cash Rules, Success Rules, Prosperity Rules, Abundance Rules, Power Rules, Wealth Rules, and Freedom Rules.  Do not attempt to make your own lists of rules.  You have been programmed to have a job, and to be normal.  If you have a good Mentor he will supply you with strong guidance here.  Simply read the rules he gives you, learn from them, remember them, and never break them.


Success Factor No.6: THE SECRETS.

These are the Secrets that give you a tremendous advantage when you are building great Success and Massive Wealth.   To enjoy Great Success, Wealth and Freedom you need to know these Secrets, so that you can use the knowledge to forge ahead.  There are Health, Energy, Creativity and Vitality Secrets. There are Bitcoin Secrets, Money Secrets, Gold Secrets, Silver Secrets, Platinum Secrets, Palladium Secrets, Copper Secrets, Investment Secrets, Business Secrets, Entrepreneur Secrets, Leadership Secrets, Negotiation Secrets, Motivation Secrets, Cash Secrets, Success Secrets, Prosperity Secrets, Abundance Secrets, Power Secrets, Wealth Secrets, and Freedom Secrets.   If you have a good Mentor he will teach you these Secrets.  Simply take on board the Secrets he gives you, learn from them, remember them, and act on the knowledge whenever possible.


Success Factor No.7: THE SKILLS.

To achieve Success you need Skills.  A good Mentor will guide you regarding the Skills to acquire,  He will also show you how to build up these skills.  The Skills to learn include:  Compliance, Communication, Public Speaking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Delegation, Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Systems Design, Social Reputation, Public Relations, Staffing, Team Building, Human Nature, Body Language, Negotiation, Persuasion, Selling and Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Customer Ownership, Customer Care, Operations, Stock, Information Technology, Business Warfare, Motivation, Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Change Management, Growth Management, Risk Management, Financial Management, Accounting, C.R.M., and Budgeting.  You do not need any Degrees or Certificates.



Your choice regarding the TYPE of Businesses that you are going to use to create Revenue Streams is of Utmost Importance.  Many Businesses are limited in their Wealth Creation Potential.   Look for a Business that can have Clients all over the Planet.  Look for a Business where the product is Clone Friendly – For example a Singer records a song once, and then all future sales are simply copies of the original – a clone.  Look for a Business that does not need to carry Physical Stock.  There are many other factors that you need to bear in mind when choosing your Businesses.  A good mentor will be of invaluable help here.  Make a bad decision here and you are stuck with it until you actually drop that business.



Focus and Concentration are extremely important to your future Success.  This does not mean that you must Focus and Concentrate on only one Business or Stream of Revenue.  The correct understanding of this concept is that it means to Focus and Concentrate on the Businesses and Streams of Revenue that you have selected, and not to waste time and effort elsewhere.



A good Mentor will encourage the growth of many excellent character traits in you.  We have already mentioned Focus and Concentration as Success Factor Number 9.  Clarity of Thought, Clarity of Vision and Clarity of Goals is required for Success.  Creativity is needed to set you apart from the competition.  Perseverance is needed to carry you through the tough times until you achieve the Success and Wealth that you desire.

Finding a Mentor

We have gifted you with the Top 10 Success Factors needed to be hugely Successful and to become Massively Wealthy.  These are the Apex Success Factors.  This list is not nearly complete however.   Your Mentor, if well chosen, will teach you all of the Rules of Success and Secrets of Success, together with many other things that you need to know and do.   Do not settle for just any mentor – remember this is Success Factor Number One!  So just how do you go about choosing a Great Mentor?  Well, for starters, you can read the extensive article written by the Chief Mentor for DollarBillionaire ™, Barron Hall.  Just click below to do this.  It is quite long but covers every aspect that you need to know about this process.  Or, you could simply bypass this exercise and just apply for Barron Hall himself to mentor you.  Barron wrote this very article that you are reading right now.

Finding a Wealth Mentor for Great Success

Self Optimization

Instinctively you already know that this is true.  The beginnings of success and wealth come from within you.  Dead people make no money.  Very sick people can hardly breathe, let alone be successful.  Being sick one week out of the month will hold you back tremendously.  The logical conclusion here is that you need to be 100% healthy 100% of the time, full of energy, brimming with vitality, and bubbling over with creativity to have the best chance of becoming highly successful and tremendously wealthy.  You also do not need toxic relationships and unresolved heart issues holding you back.  So, the real question is, how does one achieve Self Optimization?  Ask your mentor.  He knows.  Do not ask the Doctor, or your Mother or your Teacher – it would have happened already if they knew how.

Self Optimization for Massive Success

Billionaire Habits and Routines

Cultivating Billionaire Habits and Billionaire Routines is obligatory if what you are seeking is Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Riches and Wealth.  These Billionaire Habits and Billionaire Routines are the Keys to becoming a High Performance Individual.  They build you up, and they carry you through the tough times.

Billionaire Habits and Billionare Routines for Masssive Success

Billionaire Mindset, Billionaire Words

What you think is what you are.  It is impossible for a person who is locked into a Job Based Mindset to re-program their own Brain to have a Billionaire Mindset.  Outside intervention is required from someone who knows what they are doing.  Words, used randomly, cause random results.  You need Billionaire Words to produce specificly targeted High Performance results.

Billionaire Mindset and Billionare Words for Masssive Success

Creating Success, Prosperity, Riches, Abundance, Wealth and Freedom

Desire, without Discipline, is Delusion.  The “Law” of Attraction is not a “Law”.  It is a “Lie”.  Everyone desires to be successful and prosper and to accumulate great wealth.  Is everyone successful and prospering and wealthy?  No.  There is no one “secret” to becoming successful, rather there exists a defined set of knowledge that one needs to be taught, learn, understand and implement over time to ensure Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Riches, and Wealth.  Do this and then the “12 Pillars of Wealth Creation” law kicks in.  Simply stated, the “12 Pillars of Wealth” law says that IF you are (1) taught, and you learn and understand, the 12 Pillars of Wealth, and if you (2) build the 12 Pillars of Wealth, and if you (3) maintain the 12 Pillars of Wealth over a period of time, THEN you will achieve great success, prosperity, abundance, riches and wealth.  DollarBillionaire™ has distilled the 12 Pillars of Wealth into 120 easily understandable and achievable “Billionaire Building Blocks“.  By Learning, Understanding, Implementing and Maintaining all of the Billionaire Building Blocks, you will effectively achieve the Learning, Understanding, Implementing and Maintaining of all of the 12 Pillars of Wealth Creation that lead to Massive Success and Great Wealth.

Creating Success, Prosperity, Riches, Abundance, Wealth and Freedom

Why Invest in a World Class Success and Wealth Mentor?

Quite simply, an investment of your time and cash into yourself, by finding a world class Wealth Creation Mentor, will yield higher returns than any other investment ever will.  It will pay you to do  whatever it takes and whatever it costs to get the best Wealth Mentor that you can find.  Ask Mark Zuckerberg, who was mentored by Steve Jobs.  As Bill Gates who was mentored by Warren Buffet.

Maximum ROI from a Mentor

Make the best investment of your life – find yourself a World Class Wealth Mentor today.


The top predictor of massive success

Learning under the Mentorship of a world class Mentor is the most effective move that you can possibly take to attempt to ensure great success and massive wealth creation.

Learn the hidden rules and secrets of wealth creation

Your DollarBillionaire ™ Mentor will teach you the Rules and Secrets of Wealth Creation and he will guide you as you implement them, one by one.

Learn the billionaire building blocks

Your DollarBillionaire ™ Mentor will teach you the Billionaire Building Blocks and he will guide you as you implement them, one by one.

Lifetime guidance

Maintain the Mentor / Mentee relationship well and you will have a priceless asset in your life.

Why Invest in a World Class Success and Wealth Mentor?

Huge Success and Massive Wealth Creation is not achievable by men and women who have Jobs, Careers, or Professions.

We have already mentioned that our list of The Top Ten Success Factors for High Performance Individuals is applicable to persons seeking Huge Success and Massive Wealth.   This level of success and wealth is not available to people seeking a great job, or a great profession, or a great career.  To highlight the differences, here are 25 Top Success Factors for people simply trying to find a better job or attempting to find greater success in their career or chosen profession:

25 Success Factors to Improve your Job or Career or Profession.

  1. A Traditional Education.
  2. Self Discipline.
  3. Ability to work in a Team.
  4. People Skills.
  5. Job Skills.
  6. Networking.
  7. Cash on hand.
  8. Good Work Habits.
  9. A Positive Approach to Work.
  10. A Great Outward Image and Dress Code.
  11. Creativity.
  12. Good Character.
  13. Being Passionate about the Job.
  14. Being Optimistic.
  15. Having Empathy for Others.
  16. Great Communication Skills.
  17. Resilience.
  18. Being Organized.
  19. Responsibility regarding key functions areas that are yours.
  20. Trustworthiness.
  21. Authenticity.
  22. Conscientiousness.
  23. Extraverted.
  24. Emotional Intelligence.
  25. Being Reliable and On Time.


The reader is cautioned to take note that whilst some of the above 25 attributes may indeed contribute to your creating Huge Success and Massive Wealth, many of these attributes are not that important if what you are seeking is Great Success and Massive Wealth.  Some of the attributes in this list of “25 success factors to improve your job or career or profession” will definitely work AGAINST your efforts to create Huge Success and Massive Wealth.  Was Steve Jobs a person who worried about his outward image and dress code?  Did Bill Gates have a traditional education?    The reason why we have this disparity  is because we are talking about two very different worlds here:


  1. THE JOB, CAREER, PROFESSION WORLD.  Having a Job or Career or Profession is the one world.
  2. THE WORLD OF BILLIONAIRES and MULTI-MILLIONAIRES.  Creating Great Success and Massive Wealth is another, entirely different world.

You need to pick one of the two worlds, because the Rules of Success that apply in the Job Based World are NOT the same as the Rules of Success that apply in the World of the Super Wealthy.

When selecting a Mentor for yourself, be very, very aware about the world that you have picked to operate in.  95% of Mentors operate in the world of great jobs, great careers and superb professions.  Only a select few Mentors operate in the world of the Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires.  To make this point very finely, do not pick a mentor who operates in the world of jobs and careers and professions if what you are in fact passionately desiring is Great Success, Massive Wealth Creation and Billionaire or Multi-Millionaire Status.

Done thinking and Yearning for Success?

Are You Looking For a World Class Mentor?

Take Action Now – Life Favors the Bold

Our Chief Mentor – Barron Hall

Read more about Barron

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Freda - Oakville, Canada. 26 June 2019.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hello Barron,

Thank you for the excellent information and after the 6 days face to face mentoring, l have learnt a lot from you and l am empowered to go and implement my new skills. I am really blessed to have you as my mentor.

Hello Barron,

This program has exposed me to many wealth creation methods which have equipped me for the near future. I am energized to go to out there and implement these billionaire building blocks to change my life for best. This has been very beneficial in so many areas and made me focus more on health, wealth, and spiritual as a complete mentoring system.You are such a blessing in my life . Thank you Barron.

Freda - Oakville, Canada. 23 June 2019.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Henry E - Johannesburg, South Africa. 15 Dec 2020.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Greetings Barron,

Amazing is all I can say.  I do not know how I did it but I did!  I do not even have a job but since implementing what you taught me I have bought and paid off 2 properties!!  One is over 4 acres.  And now my cash pile has grown to a level I have never experienced before.  I feel rich, I am rich!  and I know it is only going to get better.  I was hesitant to part with the mentoring fee but I have now recouped it back many times over.  I will advise anyone considering this step to jump for the chance if accepted as a mentee.  Thank you for doing what you do and for the way that you have changed my life.  At a time when many of my friends are struggling, what with the stuff going on now, I know that my future is extremely rosy.  My next goal is to hit the multi-millionaire bracket in 2021.      

Hello Barron,

I just had to tell you.  The latest investment that I have made following your advice is doing extremely well.  What I put in has grown by over 4x in 1 week!!  I just would not have believed this until I experienced it.  I made more in the last week than I ever earned in any year of working at a job.  Well, I have now laid the seeds of growth as you advised me and I fully expect to be a multi-millionaire before the end of 2021.  My money is working for me!!  Its so great to not have a job and still make vastly more than my hardworking friends.  I am so looking forward to the big B!  But 1st I am going to nail the Multi-M.  The day I started implementing your advice was a turning point for my life.  Thankyou for the patient way in which you taught me stuff.

PS I googled 'best wealth mentor in the world' and your name came up at the very top !  I can vouch for that.  

Henry E - Johannesburg, South Africa. 24 April 2021.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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