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High-Performance Individuals understand banking and the various types of banks that exist.  Here we define what Retail Banking is and give a broad overview of how these banks operate.

RETAIL BANKING (Consumer Banking / Personal Banking / Commercial Banking)

In this Teaching Document, you will find the DollarBillionaire ™ Guidance Notes on Retail Banking.

Written by Barron Hall. Revised and Updated Monday 05 August 2019.

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Retail Banking

Retail Banking - Definition

Retail Banking is the provision of general banking services directly to the public.  These services include providing ATM Cards, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Mortgage Loans, Personal Loans, and Certificates of Deposit.  Retail Banking is also known as Commercial Banking or Consumer Banking or Personal Banking.

What is “Retail Banking”

Retail Banks deal directly with the general public.  Retail Banking is also known as Commercial Banking or Personal Banking or Consumer Banking.  Retail Banks have vast numbers of branches to give the public ready access to the Retail Bank.  Commonly, banks that carry out Retail Banking also carry out other forms of banking, like Investment Banking.  Retail Banks bring in deposits from their customers and in turn, they are enabled to extend loans.  An example of a Retail bank is JP Morgan Chase.

Retail Banking Services

Primary Service 1: Reducing the Money Supply – Accepting Deposits

Savings Accounts

Checking Accounts / Current Accounts

Fixed Deposits

Certificates of Deposit

Primary Service 2: Increasing the Money Supply – Extending Loans

Vehicle Purchase Loans

Mortgage Loans

Credit Cards

Checking Account Overdraft

Personal Loans

Multiple Secondary Services

Agents for Insurance Companies

Foreign Exchange Services

Retirement Planning

Transferring Funds

Wealth management

Safekeeping of Assets

Online banking

Stock Brokerage

Private Banking


Debit Cards

ATM cards


Functions of Retail Banking

Retail Banks provide Deposit-Taking Services, extending Credit, and various forms of Money Management.  The main types of deposits that these banks accept are Demand Deposit (Current Accounts), Savings Deposits, and Fixed Deposits (time-based deposits).  Such Consumer Banks also enable transfers of money between individuals and business.  They also increase and reduce the money supply when they advance loans or call in loans.  These consumer banks attempt to be a one-stop-shop for individual retail banking clients.  These banks are expanding their range of services offered to include Retirement Planning, Stock Brokerage, Wealth Management, and Private Banking.  They often act as financial agents for insurance companies. These banks also may offer safekeeping facilities.

The credit that the Retail Banks extend to the public helps to drive the economy.  Most banking consumers deal only with these retail banks and are rarely seen inside investment banks.

Top retail banks include JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Capital One, Barclays, Chase Bank, Citibank and Bank of America.

Graphic: Retail Banking Services

Retail Bank Services


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