In this Teaching Document, you will find the DollarBillionaire ™ Guidance Notes on Pay Per Click Management (PPC Management).

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What “PPC Management” is all about

A business may decide to outsource the management of its PPC advertising.  A company that manages PPC Advertising on behalf of its clients is a PPC Management firm.

A business that wants to create interest in its products or services can pay directly for every visit to its website.  In essence, this business is paying per click.  Advertisements are displayed for the services or products that the business is offering, and generally, these advertisements cost the business nothing at all.   The business only becomes liable for a cost when one of its advertisements is successful in the sense that a prospective client sees the ad and then clicks on it, and in so doing visits the website belonging to the business.


Having gained a visit from a potential client is but one of the steps involved in an actual sale.  It remains for the website to convert the visitor into a paying client.  Using the services of a PPC Management company can be a very effective way to gain immediate traffic to a website.  PPC advertising is often used for a website that has poor SEO or is busy building up its SEO.



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