Wealth Investment

by Dollar Billionaire™



How to manage a business properly.



How to create a huge pile of cash.



How to make your cash work for you.



How to cut your taxes to near zero.



We limit the number of ongoing Mentorships at any given point in time to ensure that Barron Hall, the Mentor, has enough time to devote to his Mentees.  Once his diary is full you will need to wait until a position is available.   We highly recommend that you apply early to avoid being disappointed.


Barron Hall, Chief Mentor and Consultant for Dollar Billionaire™ ~ “For 6 grueling days, a period of intense birth pains and emotional sweat, we will meet and interact in person, and get the ball rolling.   This will be held at a suitable location in Cape Town.  You will then return home and implement, implement, implement.  You will report back to me bi-weekly on your progress, in a manner that I will specify.  You will, maybe for the first time in your life, be accountable to someone, to me.  Flip out and I will flip you off.  Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring will continue as long as you need it. ” 

We are truly happy that you are considering a Mentorship with Dollar Billionaire.  This will be a defining moment in your life, the day that you take the decision to invest heavily in yourself.  To be acceptable to our Mentor, Barron Hall, as excellent raw material to work with, potential Candidate Mentees should:

  1. Be able to raise and pay the Mentoring Fees in full before the Mentoring commences, [thus demonstrating a certain degree of skill in raising finance / a pre-existing amount of financial success],
  2. Be Teachable,
  3. Be Tenacious,
  4. Possess High Integrity,
  5. Be Well Presented and Well Spoken,
  6. Have good Self-esteem,
  7. Passionately desire Success,
  8. Be Self Driven and Self Motivating,
  9. A degree is NOT a requirement.


Wealth Investment


How to make your cash work for you.

Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring

Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring

Dollar Billionaire™


Be Mentored in the Rare Art of Investing Wealth. 

TickItWorld Class Wealth Mentoring for Extremely High Achievers by Dollar Billionaire™.

TickItMentoring is done face to face, one on one.

TickItAcceptance of a Mentee is at the discretion of Barron Hall, your Mentor.

TickIt There will be 24 intense mentoring sessions of 2 hours each over a period of 6 consecutive days.  This will be held at a suitable venue in Cape Town.

TickItDuring this 6 day period, you will have direct access to your Mentor, Barron Hall, who will meet you in person and Mentor you in person.

TickItYou will not change Mentor during the entire process. 

TickItMentoring is an ongoing process, unlike study for a degree or certificate.  After the first 6 days of intense 1 on 1 mentoring, you will enjoy continued (remote) mentoring.

TickItDuring the Mentoring period, and during the Maintenance Mentoring period, your Mentor, Barron Hall, will be available for advice as you require it. This will be telephonic and email based, and Barron Hall will continue to guide you as you build your Wealth using the Dollar Billionaire™ methodology.

How to make your cash work for you.

You might ask yourself “Can I afford the Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program?”

You might ask yourself “Is the Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program worth the premium fees?”

Perhaps, you SHOULD ask yourself “Can I afford NOT to enter the Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program?”

Indeed, if we have to motivate you to take this Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program then you are the wrong candidate.


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