Dollar Billionaire™

Act Now. Rates increase by 50% from $10 000 to $15 000 on 1 September 2019.








Please note: when applying for Mentoring a R14000 down payment is required.  (this is about US $1000)  This is to reserve the dates in Baron Hall’s diary.  There are no refunds under any circumstances.  The balance is payable 30 days before the Mentoring commences.




All Fees are in US Dollars.

Fees are payable by Bank Transfer or by Bitcoin.  The initial payment is made online by credit card.




Bitcoin Accepted


Dollar Billionaire™ Wealth Creation Mentoring is an Investment, not a cost.  You are not buying something and using it up.  This is not an expense.  You are not buying a vehicle.  You are INVESTING in YOURSELF.  You will benefit from Dollar Billionaire™ mentoring for the rest of your life.


Be acutely aware of the difference between VALUE and PRICE.  Ask yourself, how much VALUE is there in your receiving mentoring that could, potentially, lead to much wealth for you?  Now, ask yourself, how does this VALUE compare to the price that you need to pay for Dollar Billionaire™ mentoring?


What exactly do you NEED?  Do you need cheap mentoring? Or do you need something else?  Perhaps you need the best Wealth and Prosperity Mentor money can buy?  Perhaps you need to increase your wealth drastically?  Be very clear here.  What do you need?  Cheap Mentoring?  Or Effective Mentoring, Mentoring that Actually gives Results?

Dollar Billionaire™ Wealth Mentoring

Dollar Billionaire™ Wealth Mentoring

Be Mentored in the Rare Art of Creating Wealth. 

TickItWorld Class Wealth Creation Mentoring by DollarBillionaire

TickIt Every day includes 4 intense mentoring sessions of 2 hours each .  This will be held in South Africa, or some other appropriate venue by arrangement.

TickItDuring your mentoring period, you will have direct 1 on 1 access to your Mentor, Barron Hall, who will meet with you in person and Mentor you in person.

TickIt You will not change Mentor during the entire process.

TickItMentoring is an ongoing process, unlike study for a degree or certificate.  After the first period of 1 on 1 mentoring, you will enjoy continued (remote) mentoring, as long as you maintain progress.

TickItAfter the Initial Mentoring period, your Mentor, Barron Hall, will be available for advice as you require it.   This will be telephonic and email based, and Barron Hall will continue to guide you as you build your Wealth using the Dollar Billionaire™ methodology.

Invest in yourself.

You might ask yourself “Can I afford the DollarBillionaire™ Mentoring Program?”

You might ask yourself “Is the Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program worth the premium fees?”

Perhaps, you SHOULD ask yourself “Can I afford NOT to enter the DollarBillionaire™ Mentoring Program?”

Indeed, if we have to motivate you to take this DollarBillionaire™ Mentoring Program then you are probably the wrong candidate.

Note: a R14000 (ABOUT USA $1000) initial payment is due on making Application for DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship.

The balance of the Fee is payable 30 days before DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship commences. If the balance is not paid in full 30 days before DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship commences then the Application Approval will be retracted and the "Initial Payment" will be forfeit.  No refunds under any circumstances.