Dollar Billionaire™

Six days of Intense One on One Personal Mentoring by Barron Hall himself.  Thereafter your mentoring will continue over time until you acquire the wealth that you seek. 

INVESTMENT in yourself:

$168 000

This is our once-off fee for the mentoring service.

No up-sells.  No further charges.





For references purposes, current estimated fees for an MBA in 2020 are:


Wharton $153160, Harvard $146880, Stanford $137736, MIT $136500.


Note: an MBA is a very different form of education when compared to a DBM*


An MBA is an excellent formal business education aimed at landing you a top JOB with earnings equal to 2x or 3x those of equivalent non-MBAs,


DBM is Wealth Creation Mentorship aimed at mentoring you to achieve Financial Freedom (ie you do not need a job since your passive income vastly exceeds your needs) together with Massive Personal Wealth vastly exceeding that of any regular MBA graduate


It is safe to say that a person with a DBM might very well employ quite a few MBA‘s, whilst a person with an MBA will in all probability never ever employ a DBM.  People with a DBM are not destined to become employees.  They will own the company or they simply own vast assets and will manage their assets, employing MBA’s and other professionals as needed.


*DBM = DollarBillionaire™ Mentorship.




You will enjoy:

  • 6 Consecutive Days of face to face, intense, one on one wealth creation mentoring with Barron Hall, our CEO and Chief Wealth Mentor.
  • Each session is 2 hours long and there will be 4 sessions per day, making 24 sessions in all.  There will be a 30min break between sessions and a 1-hour lunch break.
  • After this induction period, Your mentoring will continue until you acquire the wealth that you seek.  Expected time to complete a transformation to great wealth (US Dollar Billionaire status) is 5 to 20 years.  Results are dependent upon your ability to learn and implement new knowledge and skills.
  • This is the best way to absorb all of the content of our extensive Wealth Mentoring System.  There will be time to thoroughly understand and absorb the Core Wealth Creation Technologies that form the Dollar Billionaire™ Wealth Creation System.
  • Barron Hall will cover everything that you need to know to become a High-Performance Individual and build your Wealth.
  • You will learn every element of our Core Wealth Creation Technologies.   

Note: R10 000 (About US $670) initial payment is due on making Application for DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship.

The balance of the Fee is payable 30 days before DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship commences. If the balance is not paid in full 30 days before DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship commences then the Application Approval will be retracted and the "Initial Payment" will be forfeit.  No refunds under any circumstances.  If your application is not accepted then your deposit will be returned in full.

You might ask yourself “Can I afford the DollarBillionaire™ Mentoring Program?”

You might ask yourself “Is the Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program worth the premium fees?”

Perhaps, you SHOULD ask yourself “Can I afford NOT to enter the DollarBillionaire™ Mentoring Program?”


DollarBillionaire™ : Massive Wealth Mentoring