How to Become a Millionaire in 2019.  How to get Rich.

“How to become a millionaire” is written by Barron Hall.  Revised and Updated September 19, 2019.

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How to become a millionaire.

The great New York City has more billionaires than any other place on earth.

Harvard University and Harvard Business School.

Just follow this 7 step process, skipping nothing.  Estimated time frame to millionaire status is 1 to 3 years.

1. Background to Harvard University.

Harvard University, a private Ivy League research university, is the oldest Higher Education Institution in the United States and is in Cambridge, MA.  John Harvard was the founder of Harvard University, which was originally established as a religious institution.  As a result, many of the buildings have a “religious appearance”.

Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard but did not complete his degree.

A series of experiences are offered by Harvard Business School.  An academic experience in which you will learn stuff.  A social experience in which you will interact with other top-class students.  A career experience is also on offer, during which you will build career opportunities.   The case study methodology is used as a learning platform. HBS is a general management school.  MBA classes are quite large with over 900 new students taken on board in 2020.

The HBS MBA is for students wanting careers in Business Development, Consulting, Finance, Accounting, General Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Technology, Health Services, Investment Funds, Investment Banking, and Sales.  The average base salary was well below $200 000 per annum, with some salaries as low as under $100 000 per annum, or even less.  Payback periods are between 3 to 10 years to recoup study costs.

2. Why would you want a Harvard MBA?

For many people the answer to why one would seek a Harvard MBA is obvious.  MBA applicants want to get a great job and have an amazing career.  MBA applicants hope to enjoy good salaries after graduating.  There exists the potential to land a plum job at a major company like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and so on.  The Brand value of the name Harvard is also quite awesome.  One can build up a great Alumni Network.   The Harvard campus is truly inspiring and a pleasant place to study.  Classes are interesting and can even be fun.  You will learn about leadership and how to be a better leader.  You will learn more about finance and accounting.  You will learn networking skills.  There is much opportunity to party and socialize.  You are taught job searching skills.  Part of your study costs can be covered by various forms of financial aid and student loans.


How to become a Millionaire

Do you want to know how to become a millionaire?  We are going to share with you 7 simple steps to becoming a Millionaire in 2019.

People often shoot us short questions like this: How to get rich?  How to become rich?  How to get rich fast?  Ways to become a millionaire?  Ways to become rich?  How to get rich from nothing?  How to get money?  How to make money?  How to become wealthy?  These questions are all the same.

We were asked these questions so often that we decided to do some basic wealth mentoring on “How to become a millionaire” for free


The answers to these questions are contained in the brief teaching that follows.

A Millionaire, even a USA $ Millionaire, is not a wealthy person.   A millionaire could never afford that jet above.  Even one lawsuit can wipe you out.  A simple car accident can wreck you.  Forbes no longer lists Millionaires, only Billionaires.  We recommend that you set your sights higher than just being a Millionaire.  Being a Multi-Millionaire with net assets of $10 million or more is a much better starting goal.


  • Millionaire Wealth ($1 000 000 = $1M) 0.1% 0.1%
  • Multi-Millionaire Wealth ($10 000 000 = $10M) 1% 1%
  • Multi-Multi-Millionaire Wealth ($100 000 000 = $100M) 10% 10%
  • Billionaire Wealth ($1000 000 000 = $1000M) 100% 100%


Our mentors teach people how to become USA Dollar Billionaires.  It takes the wealth of 1000 Millionaires to equal the wealth of 1 Billionaire!  The process of becoming a Billionaire is quite intense, and requires learning and effort from the potential Billionaire.  That said, if you are driven, if you can learn new things, if you are able to focus and action new ideas, then becoming a Billionaire is totally achievable with the right wealth mentor at your side.  Becoming a mere Millionaire is much easier, so we are going to guide you in this matter right here and now, our gift to you.  Once you taste success, come back for the real wealth mentoring here at DollarBillionaire.  Or even better, save 3 years of your life and just go all in now, by contacting us to commence your full-on Massive Wealth Mentoring.  To do so, just click the GET STARTED button in the menu, or you can click here.  Alternatively, read on to find out how simple it is to become a millionaire.

Becoming a Millionaire is quite an easy thing to do. We believe that anyone can become a Millionaire with very little hard work and effort, and it should not take longer than 3 years from the get-go.  In this short article, we are going to coach you how to meet this simple goal, namely: “I want to be a Millionaire, and I need to know how to become a millionaire”.  Later, you can elevate your dreams to the status of Multi-Millionaire or even Billionaire by following our other teachings or by entering into our Mentorship program.


So here for your enjoyment are the 7 simple steps to becoming a Millionaire.

Estimated time to completion: From 1 to 3 years.

Follow them all to have the maximum possible chance of succeeding at creating your first million.

becoming a millionaire
how to become a millionaire


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If you seek the greatest possible wealth in the least possible time then you must have a great wealth mentor of your own.

Bill Campbell mentored Steve Jobs of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry Page Co-Founder of Google, Sergey Brin Co-Founder of Google and Dick Costolo of Twitter.  Steve Jobs of Apple mentored Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  Bill Gates of Microsoft was mentored by Warren Buffet the great investor.  Socrates mentored Plato, and in turn Plato mentored Aristotle, who in turn mentored Alexander the Great, who conquered the known world.

Who is going to mentor you?

Keen to learn more?

Read Barron Hall’s Article on the Top 10 Most Crucial Success Factors for High Performance Individuals seeking Success and Wealth.


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