In this Teaching Document, you will find the DollarBillionaire ™ Guidance Notes on Digital Marketing.

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What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that is done over digital media like cellphones, tablets, and computers.  Marketing and advertising have changed much over the last ten years.  Radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers are now much less important to modern marketing.

Common Forms of Digital Marketing

The are quite a few forms of Search Engine Marketing.  Google Ads are the most common form.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has become an excellent form of Digital Marketing.

LinkedIn Ads

This is a popular platform for business and professionals to market their services.

Search Engine Optimization

Though not a direct form of marketing, SEO is very important for marketing.  Websites with great SEO generate much client traffic without having to pay Google directly for this traffic.  Top SEO is not cheap, however, as much work has to be done on a website to achieve a high level of SEO.


With the technologies available today you can keep track of people who have visited your website and retarget them with appropriate ads to achieve a sale or sales.

Social Marketing

Businesses can advertise on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Display Advertising

These are ads with images, video, and perhaps audio.

Email Marketing

This is a very powerful form of Digital Marketing.




DollarBillionaire™ Quick Reference Notes

This document is part of the Extensive set of Concise, Up to date, Quick Reference Notes made available to our Mentees to empower them with the knowledge, skills, rules, secrets, and tips needed to create massive wealth.   For each Topic, there is a Knowledge Base, Rules, Secrets, and Guidance Notes. These DollarBillionaire™ Documents are a Subset of the Wealth Creation Syllabus that is taught to all of our Mentees.

These Knowledge Bases, Rules, Secrets and Guidance Notes cover Topics highly relevant to Wealth Creation. They start with Health, Energy, Creativity and Vitality Rules and Secrets.  Dead men make no money.  For our wide-awake audience, we also include notes covering Banking, Bitcoin, Money, Investment, Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Cash, Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth, and Freedom.

We also supply Notes on Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Investing, Bitcoin Trading, CFD Trading, Day Trading, Derivative Trading, Mean Reversion, Money Flow Index Strategy, Forex Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Scalping, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, Trading EFTs, and Penny Stocks.  Our Mentees can pick and choose useful items.

Studying, Understanding, Remembering, Implementing and Maintaining over time this Knowledge and Wisdom will empower you to Create Revenue, to build multiple Streams of Income, to create Passive Income, to Build Wealth, to Invest Wealth, to Protect Wealth and to Enjoy Your Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth and Freedom.


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