Barron Hall

Barron Hall

CEO, Chief Wealth Creation Mentor for DollarBillionaire™ Corporation.

Barron Hall is a 64-year-old South African born Businessman and Wealth Mentor.  He mentors men and women in the art of creating success, prosperity, abundance, personal freedom and wealth.  Barron resides in Cape Town.

CEO, Chief Mentor for Dollar Billionaire™


The apparent cost of sitting under Barron Hall’s Mentor-ship is high. However, when one factors in what the Mentee can potentially earn after having been Mentored by Barron, his fees are, over time, negative.  If you are excellent raw material, you cannot afford NOT to be mentored by Barron Hall.


“My name is Barron Hall.

I want to share one very important concept with you. The concept of a wealth Mentor.

In simple terms, a wealth mentor is an ally who will guide you along the shortest possible route towards the maximum possible wealth.

A good wealth mentor will probably be the best investment that you can ever make, in terms of ROI. Having a top wealth mentor to guide you as you build your wealth is the greatest predictor of massive future wealth. Just ask Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. It is an almost unfair advantage to have someone to guide you directly on to the path of great success, avoiding all of the perilous side paths along the way.

Knowing how to create great wealth is just one part of the puzzle. A High-Performance Individual is required to implement the knowledge. I delight in creating high-performance individuals who excel at generating massive wealth. Make your choice of mentor wisely, because there are two types. One is the classical business mentor who will teach you to land and hold down a high paying job. If this is what you seek then you should look elsewhere. The other type of mentor is the one who teaches wealth creation, financial freedom and personal freedom. You are financially free when you do not have to have a job to survive. Your income from other passive sources is more than enough to cover your living costs. Working with you, I shall teach you how to attain this status as rapidly as possible. Once you are free from the chains of a job-based lifestyle, I shall then teach you how to build multiple streams of income and how to translate these income streams into wealth. This will be wealth that you control and wealth that does not dissipate with time. This is indeed an exciting journey. Contact me through this website if the idea of creating massive wealth and obtaining personal freedom has been a compelling dream of yours.

My name is Barron and I hope to see you on the other side of Great Wealth and Personal freedom.”

Holder of Three Highly Prized Business Degrees

Including Two Degrees at Masters Level

Over 4 Decades of Battle Hardened Business Wisdom


Holding 3 University Level Degrees and having gained over 4 Decades of Battle Hardened Business Wisdom and after having Founded Successful Businesses, Barron Hall has been through intense Academic and Practical grounding in the Art of Business.  A Visionary Thinker and “Check-Mate” Business Strategist, he is often accused of “Crushing the Market” by disillusioned Competitors.  Barron has a totally unique set of business and interpersonal skills. He has mastered highly technical areas like Software Engineering, Actuarial Science, Apple IOS Development,  Market Forecasting, Regression Analysis,  Business Management, Business Assessment, and Business Valuation.  Paradoxically Barron has also gained great knowledge on Advanced Human Behavioral Understanding, Human Behavioral Prediction, Marketing Acumen, Business Strategy Formulation, and Visionary Thinking.


Barron starts his day at 3 am, and follows a highly disciplined and intense morning ritual that lasts about 2 hrs.


His ability to “Play the Chess of Business” leads to his cornering and dominating markets that he applies his expertise to.  He applies his piercing Intellect plus his ability to see the way through a tangled mess of problems to guide a business on to Great Success.   A Natural Born Teacher, he has lectured at a major University, on the most difficult of financial courses.  Barron knows and teaches hidden secrets on how to Sharpen the Sword – the man himself – his mind, memory, IQ, Stamina, Resilience and overall well-being leading to superior overall performance in Business.


Barron Hall is an avid reader and speedily devours on average 1 book every week.  This equates to reading over 52 books every year.


Many Business people are High Earners, yet they generate little Personal Wealth.  Barron Hall can teach you the little known secrets to generating Massive Income and how to translate this into Massive Wealth, and at the end of the day, how to Retain that Wealth.


Barron Hall has deep insight into Extreme Wealth Creation, Wealth Investment, and Wealth Retention


Barron Hall has a very rare ability to be able to communicate very elusive concepts in a simple and powerful way.  His insight into what makes a truly great Business and how to manage it for Extreme Growth, Deep Market Penetration and Soaring Profitability and His unique ability to impart these concepts to non-technical people sets him apart from other great men, who have achieved greatness, but often cannot verbalize how they created their own success, or worse, do not realize the subtleties that lead them to victory.



Barron Hall – “When I am done with this project I will have many very Powerful and Grateful Friends, men and women whom I hope will mentor the new Generation to Come.”


Barron Hall – “I do not want you to concentrate on me.  This is not about me, it’s about you. You can not be me.  If you try that stunt, you will fail.  You must be the best that you can be.  I am not telling you that I am a Trillionaire.  I am not telling you that I am a Billionaire.  I am not.  I am not telling you that I am a Millionaire.  I am not telling you that I am rich.  I am not going to discuss my personal wealth, I am not a fool.  Do not even ask me about my personal wealth.  My personal wealth is personal, as are my business interests and my family life.  What I am telling you is that I can teach you how to be Wealthy, I can teach you how to make that wealth work FOR you, and I can teach you how to STAY super-wealthy, in real life.  And that is the whole idea.  I want you to become Super Successful, a Mega Wealthy individual, a Dollar Billionaire™ Protege.”

Barron Hall – “This Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring Program is all about You.  Your Future Massive Financial Success, Your Growth, Your Inner Changes, Your Mind Map and the Way that You Think.  Your Intensity of Self Application, Your Ability to Stay the Course, and your Ability to Learn Easy and Illusive Concepts, and the Strength to apply them in life.  For this reason, I do not talk about myself much.  I feel that it is wrong to take a captive audience and bask in one’s own glory.  You will not hear much about me or my achievements.  I will demand from you that you concentrate on yourself and learn to walk in the new shoes that I will fashion for you, with you.  If you refuse to walk in these new shoes or are unable to do so, I will drop you from the Program, there will be no refunds, and you will incur my wroth at you for wasting my time and energy.  These new shoes are not difficult to wear, but they will take perseverance until they fit, working your way through the initial pain.  Massive Financial Success is a way of understanding, a way of thinking, and a way of  Behaving.  You will undergo some fundamentally deep changes affecting who you are, for the better.  For Massive Financial Wealth comes to a special type of person, and currently, this is not who you are.  So beware, if you apply, and are accepted, be ready to lose the old you.  Long Live the King, the new King, the new you.”

Barron Hall – “I don’t pick my Mentees, they pick me.  Those that pick me, I often reject.  I don’t look for degrees or financial success or a powerful personality, or any particular gender, or even the ability to pay my fees.  I seek a Mentee, male or female, with tenaciousness, determination, drive, vigor, resilience, integrity, and teach-ability.  I will gladly mentor a teenager of 16 or an adult of 80 if he or she has these attributes, and nothing else.  My fees, however, are non-negotiable.”


“School teaches you to Read and Write.   University teaches you to hold down a job.  Dollar Billionaire™ Mentoring teaches you Business Management, Wealth Creation, Wealth Investment and Wealth Retention .” – Barron Hall

“Socrates mentored Plato, Plato mentored Aristotle, and Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great.  Alexander the Great nearly conquered the world.  That is the power of cumulative Mentoring.  Be Mentored yourself, Excel, and then pass it on.” – Barron Hall

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“Desire without Discipline is Delusion” –  Barron Hall

“It’s not what you know that makes you successful, rather it’s what you DON’T KNOW that prevents you from being Successful” –  Barron Hall


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