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Dollar Billionaire™ Mentorship Notes

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Comments from Barron Hall, your new mentor:

"Fill in the form below, pay the deposit, and expect a letter from me. I will get you started on your wealth creation journey even before we meet. I will send you a list of actions to take that will drastically and immediately improve your high-performance skills.

Then we will agree on a date for your face to face mentoring and we will do this thing! We will BUILD YOUR WEALTH and FINANCIAL FREEDOM together, my advice and guidance, your creativity, perseverance, and hard work."


No MasterMind Groups to Join

DollarBillionaire™ does not have a Mastermind group, nor are you required to join one.


No Youthful Mentors

DollarBillionaire™'s Mentor Barron Hall is well into his late 60's.


No Self Proclaimed Gurus

DollarBillionaire™'s Mentor Barron Hall holds very high level, formal, actual university Degrees including holding a 3 year MBA, a 4 year Business Degree, and having fully qualified as an Actuary.


No Mass Mentoring

DollarBillionaire™ mentors its clients with one-on-one, individualized, personal, "old school" mentoring, whilst using state of the art content and cellular app support.


No Job ditching

DollarBillionaire™ does not encourage you to immediately walk away from your job.  Eventually, absolutely yes, ditch that job, but the timing and planning here is crucial.


No claiming of Billionaire or Millionaire Status

None of our staff or mentors are claiming any form of wealth status as either Billionaires, Millionaires or any such status.  Our mentors prefer for their personal wealth situation to remain private.


No UpSells, no Hidden Costs

DollarBillionaire™ does not have any upsells on offer. You pay the once-off fee, your visiting costs to Cape Town, and that is it; you get the full DollarBillionaire™ Wealth Mentoring service.


Not Cheap, nor Expensive

DollarBillionaire™'s Wealth Mentoring fees are slightly more than the cost of one of the better MBA degrees.  For 2020 our fees are $168000.  NOTE: this is about 10% more than the cost of a world-class MBA.  Note: DBM (DollarBillionaire Mentoring) is NOT an MBA, we supply Wealth Creation Mentoring which teaches you how to create massive wealth and enjoy financial and personal freedom.  This is in stark contrast to an MBA which teaches you to land a great job, and covers very little about wealth creation and even less about financial and personal freedom.



No Car Pictures

DollarBillionaire™ does not show flashy cars behind our mentors.



No Intrusive Youtube or Facebook Advertising

DollarBillionaire™ does not advertise on Youtube or Facebook.



Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

DollarBillionaire™ wants you to know that you will have to be prepared to learn new things and apply your knowledge in a dedicated way over some time to achieve your wealth goals.



No Fancy Promises

DollarBillionaire™ wants you to know that nothing is guaranteed.  We do not guarantee that you will become wealthy.  What we do is we WILL teach you how to become a world class High Performance Individual.  We will guide you into all of the essential knowledge, skills, tips and secrets that you need to be able to build massive wealth.  We will be there to guide you as you implement this new knowledge in your life.  It will be up to you to actually learn the new knowledge and to apply it effectively over time.  That said, if you do follow the program set out by Barron Hall, the chances of you becoming vastly more wealthy than you are right now are hugely increased, and we would not be surprised if you did not achieve at least Millionaire or Multi-millionaire status, if not Billionaire status.



No Prior Education Required

DollarBillionaire™ only requires you to have a basic education, in that you must be able to read and write fluent english, and have basic math and arithmetic skills.  You are required to be able to learn new concepts and ideas and to be able to take on board new skills, and you must have the self discipline and self motivation to implement your new knowledge and skills.



World Class Wealth Creation Mentoring

DollarBillionaire™ offers the very best wealth creation mentoring available anywhere.  What you will learn is state of the art self optimisation and wealth creation knowledge and this knowledge will become your most valuable asset.


You can become wealthy, a Millionaire, a Multi-Millionaire or even a Billionaire

All it takes is for you to learn and take action, implementing your new knowledge at a high level over time.


Your own dedicated Lifetime Mentor

Barron Hall will be your mentor as long as you need him.  Mentorship will only cease once you have achieved your goals.


Any average person can do this

You only need to be able to learn new things, and to apply them over time, whilst displaying creativity, tenacity, perseverance, dedication, focus, self-discipline, self-motivation and determination.


Highly Effective and Actionable Advice

We teach you real-life actionable skills.  No airy-fairy positive thinking mumbo jumbo.


Achieve Financial Freedom, Wealth and Personal Freedom

Nothing beats being wealthy and being totally free to live your best life as you see fit.

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    When you click “Submit” you will be re-directed to a new page where you will pay R10 000 (US $670) deposit to secure your place in Barron Hall’s diary. The balance of our fees ($167330) you can pay at any time during the next 12 months. This is done to assist you with your financial and diary planning. Once the deposit is paid we will liaise with you to determine the best time to meet and get started. The balance is only due 30 days before the face-to-face one-on-one mentoring starts.  The deposit is non-refundable.


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