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Dollar Billionaire™ Mentorship Notes:

Please book early to avoid disappointment.


When you click "Submit" you will be re-directed to a new page where you will pay R10 000 (about US $670) deposit to secure your place in Barron Hall's diary.  The balance is due 30 days before the face-to-face one-on-one mentoring starts.

Advice from Barron Hall:

"The one thing that most people lack is TAKING ACTION.  This LACK OF TAKING ACTION is what separates them from their wealth.  Everyone wants to be super-wealthy.  Very few people actually take the action required to achieve great wealth.  You obviously desire great wealth, prosperity and success.  Resolve from this day onwards to become the person that TAKES ACTION.

Dreamers have dreams.  You cannot eat dreams.  You cannot live your dreams until they become a reality.  I want you to REALISE your dreams by TAKING ACTION.

Take these ACTIONS now: Fill in the form below, pay the deposit, and expect a letter from me.  I will get you started on your massive wealth creation journey even before we meet.  I will send you a list of actions to take that will drastically and immediately improve your high-performance skills.  Upon receipt of my instructions, DO THEMCONTINUE TO TAKE ACTION.  Then we will agree on a date for your face to face mentoring and we will DO THIS THING!   We will BUILD YOUR WEALTH and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  Contrary to popular belief, Wealth is a verb, not a noun.  Wealth is a doing wordTAKE ACTION NOW and do not let anything or anyone get in your way.   Sell your car or whatever else to pay your mentoring fees if you have to.

I urge you to reach deep down inside and to break out of the mental cage that imprisons your mind.  How else can I say this?  Just Nike it!!  Just do it.  Or forever stay as you are.  You have only one life.  You are in charge of your one and only life.  Realize your dreams by taking action.  I will guide you in the ways of creating Massive Wealth.  You could be a Billionaire in 5 to 20 years from now.  Without changing what you are doing now, where will you be in 5 to 20 years from now?  You need to get started.  Time waits for no person. "


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