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Mentoring and Inspiring Entrepreneurs, Billionaires, Multi Millionaires, and Millionaires – DollarBillionaire ™  provides Business, Money, Success and Massive Wealth Creation Mentoring.

Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring to Massively Increase your Financial Revenue and Personal Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring creates new High-Performance Individuals and polishes existing High-Performance Individuals who excel and delight in Creating Vast Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ : Massive Wealth Mentoring

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What is DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Creation Mentoring?

DollarBillionaire ™ is the Name of a Business that provides World Class Wealth Creation Mentorship.  If your goal is to be worth more than a few Billion US Dollars within the next 5 to 20 years, then you should strongly consider DollarBillionaire™ Mentoring.  The DollarBillionaire™ Wealth Mentoring System will empower you with Wealth Generation Secrets and High-Performance Skills, with which your chances of increasing your wealth massively are vastly improved.

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Creation Mentoring is squarely aimed at men and women who have already achieved a certain level of personal financial success, and for whom the financing of this mentoring is not a financial strain.  Rather, for them, it is a matter of delight at having found the next source of new insightful knowledge and beneficial financial wisdom.  Further polishing of an already beautiful diamond.  Steel sharpens steel.

Richard Branson once said:  “If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always say they have had a great mentor at some point along the road.”  Richard Branson (Virgin Group) was mentored by Sir Freddie Laker

Did you know that Bill Campbell mentored Steve Jobs (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Larry Page (Co-Founder of Google), Sergey Brin (Co-Founder of Google) and Dick Costolo (Twitter)?  Steve Jobs (Apple) in turn mentored Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).  Did you know who Bill Campbell was?  The best mentors are often not household names.

Bill Gates (Microsoft) was mentored by Warren BuffetSocrates mentored Plato, and in turn, Plato mentored Aristotle, who in turn mentored Alexander the Great, who conquered the known world.

You are not exploring this website by accident.  Something within you knows that locked up inside you is true greatness struggling to break out.   DollarBillionaire™ wants you to remember this one extremely important fact: If you really seek massive Success and great Wealth, then your first move, and it will be your best move, should be to Find a Great Mentor.

You need a Great Mentor to achieve Financial Freedom and Wealth.

Knowledge leads to Action.  Action secures Money.   Money is the beginning of Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ delivers Comprehensive Wealth Creation Mentoring.

DollarBillionaire ™ uses Advanced State-of-the-Art Mentoring Processes.  We operate at the Cutting Edge of Wealth Creation Knowledge with all of our content updated for 2022.  DollarBillionaire’s Chief Mentor, Barron Hall, provides Wealth Creation Mentoring that is  amongst the best available anywhere on the planet.  His Mentoring is applicable across all business types.  He combines a Deep Understanding of Wealth Creation with Wisdom, Experience, Knowledge, Tools, Techniques and Skills drawn from multiple disciplines.

Individual results will vary based on your ability to learn and to implement what you have learned.


Money is Good

If you desire to be wealthy then you must understand that money is not evil.

The love of money is the root of all evil.  Not Money itself.  It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Greed is the love of money.  So greed is the root of all evil, not money.  Money is good.  Wealth is Great. 

Do you want to become a Millionaire?
If millionaire status is all that you seek, then click the link below to see some free guidance from DollarBillionaire ™.

(when we mentor our students we aim for Multi-Millionaire or Billionaire Status, not millionaire status.)

Achieve Success.
DollarBillionaire ™ intends to help you to enjoy Huge Success.

Achieve Prosperity and Abundance.
DollarBillionaire ™ will assist you to Prosper Abundantly.

Accumulate Great Wealth.
DollarBillionaire ™ will work with you to teach you how to achieve great wealth, with our goal being for you to become a Dollar Millionaire or a Dollar Billionaire.

Our Wealth Creation Mentorship is Insanely Intense, Highly Personal,  and Exceptionally Demanding


Intense, Personal, Demanding Wealth Mentoring

Insanely Intense Wealth Creation Mentorship

Our Mentors will put you through a life-changing experience.  The changes that you will make to your lifestyle will be far-reaching in their effect upon your personal success levels.

Extremely Personal High-Performance Mentorship

No two people are the same.  You are unique in many ways.  Your Mentor will dig deep into your makeup and will fine tune the delivery of our Proprietary Mentoring System to suit you, the person that you are, and to move you on speedily to be the person that you need to become.  How do Oysters become Pearls?  How does Carbon become Diamond?  How does a Rock become a Crystal? How do Caterpillars get to fly when they become Butterflies?  Intense pressure, applied over time; a totally complete internal change into something new and better; plus a measure of pain and extremely fast growth spurts. The results, however, are worth it.

Exceptionally Demanding Wealth Generation Mentorship

You will need to reach for increased levels of self-discipline and endurance in order to walk in the new shoes that will be fashioned for you.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring:

A Unique and Proprietary Wealth Creation System.  

The Process of Creating Great Wealth is NOT easy to understand, even harder to describe, and presents even greater difficulty to teach.  However, it remains true that the real test of understanding of any subject is this:  If you are asked to explain a very Complex Process, and if you can explain it Accurately and Concisely, in a way that is Immediately Understandable to the Average Person, then you can be considered to have totally mastered that subject.  On the other hand, if you take a lot of time and space trying to explain how something works, then you have still not mastered that subject.


DollarBillionaire™ understands the process of Wealth Creation. 

We now present to you, in one sentence, The Process of Creating Great Wealth.



How To Create Great Wealth

“To Create Great Wealth one needs to Learn, Understand, Implement and Maintain over Time, The 12 Pillars of Wealth Creation.”


Identify the 12 Pillars of Wealth Creation.  Learn about them.  Understand them.  Implement them.  Maintain them.



This is NOT about Personal Development

Our Mentorship is about your WEALTH Development

There are programs that speak of Personal Development as a goal in itself.  Some are excellent.  You go home feeling good, but often nothing much changes regarding your wealth.  Even though we have spoken about your Personal Development, our Mentorship is not aimed at your Personal Development.  Your Personal Development is indeed something that will occur, however, only as a means to an end and not as an end in itself.
Our goal is to develop your WEALTH.

We are going to work with you to develop your Income Earning Abilities and your Revenue Flows.  Working with you we will mentor you to increase your Assets, Properties, Shares, Cash and other Investments. We will mentor you to grow your Financial Success leading to Prosperity, Abundance and Great Wealth.

Wealth Creation for You.

We are NOT about advising you how to invest the Wealth that you already have.
We will mentor you, teach you and guide you into the CREATION of NEW WEALTH.
If you seek Wealth, you need an Excellent Wealth Creation Mentor, who will teach you all of the Millionaire and Billionaire Success Habits and Secrets.

Personal Development and some Financial Wisdom

If you do not possess the Self Confidence and Self Esteem to invest Serious Money and Time in Your Own Personal Development,
then why would anyone else invest their time and/or money in you?
The very first Wealth Asset to invest in is a Healthy and Sizeable Investment in Yourself.
It is the source from which all other wealth flows. 

If you had $20 000 to invest, would you invest it in Property, Shares, or Bitcoin, or in a Mentorship Program like this one, that could massively multiply your Revenue and Wealth many many times over?  Your answer to this question reflects on your own self-esteem.  Remember, high self-esteem is a prerequisite for wealth creation.

DollarBillionaire™ Quick Reference Notes
DollarBillionaire ™ has documented for our wealth building students a concise and practical set of Quick Reference Guidance Notes, a Knowledge Base, and The Rules and The Secrets that you need to know to Create True Health, Wealth and Freedom.  Use these notes to help you to optimize Yourself, Your Health, Energy, Creativity and Vitality, to gain the Knowledge and Wisdom to Create Multiple Streams of Revenue, to Grow your Revenues, to Build your Wealth from these Multiple Revenue Streams, to Invest your Cash Flows to create Wealth, to Protect Wealth and ultimately to enjoy your Health, Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth, Personal Freedom and Financial Freedom.

Wealth Creation

The mentoring is all about WEALTH CREATION.  YOUR wealth creation.

Dollar Billionaire

Our goal will be to mentor you so effectively that you may become a USA Dollar Billionaire.  Yes, an actual USA $$$ Dollar Billionaire.  This is Billionaire with a B, not Millionaire with an M.  As in $$$ One Thousand Million United States Dollars.  

Massive Change

To achieve this, you will need to undergo change.  Massive Change.  Your Financial and Personal Habits, Your Thoughts, Your Lifestyle, Your Social Circle, Your Nutrition, Your Attitudes.  We are going to mold you massively and decisively for the better.  You MUST accept this and you MUST expect this.  You will never be the same.


This will NOT happen overnight.  We will not be taking on a small task here.  Expect to ride this wild pony for 5 to 20 years before you succeed in claiming the BIG B Status.  Along the way, however, your success, revenues, and wealth should grow steadily, strongly, abundantly and eventually exponentially.


This thing needs to be BUILT, and the building block is YOU.  The time it takes will depend on YOU, your ability to listen, to understand, to learn, to absorb, to remember, to implement, and your levels of self-discipline, self-motivation, self-application, creativity, and perseverance.

Mind and Body

The Processes behind this will include the Optimizing of the Effectiveness of your MIND, your MINDSET, your WORLDVIEW, your SELF ESTEEM, your BODY, and your DRIVE.  You must realize and even welcome this fact: you are going to spin a cocoon, morph, eat your way out and fly away.  You will not and cannot remain who you are now.  But all for the better.


We will need to instill in you new Business Management Skills, Business Wisdom, a Deep understanding of the Processes and Techniques of Business Management, and of Wealth Creation.  We will also steep you in the Knowledge, Skills, Tricks, and Expertise needed to build a Successful, Growing, Profitable Business Empire. 


You will be mentored in Business Warfare, Information gathering and absorption, how to Strategize and Conduct Business Warfare, and how to Win and at the same time Neutralize and even Destroy the Enemy – your competition. 


How to Create Great Wealth in Practice.


Learning, Understanding, Implementing and Maintaining the Twelve Pillars of Wealth Creation is achieved by breaking the contents of the 12 Pillars of Wealth Creation into 120 Bite-Sized Manageable Pieces, which DollarBillionaire ™ has called "Billionaire Building Blocks".

By Learning, Understanding, Implementing and Maintaining all of the Billionaire Building Blocks, you will effectively achieve the Learning, Understanding, Implementing and Maintaining of all of the 12 Pillars of Wealth Creation.



Each Billionaire Building Block has the following characteristics:



Our Mentors will teach you exactly how the Billionaire Building Block works.


Any person of average IQ will be able to understand the Billionaire Building Block.


Each and every Billionaire Building Block is Totally Achievable.


Each and every Billionaire Building Block is Totally Maintainable over Time.

Of necessity, much Proprietary Information has been excluded from the above rough guide.  All Mentees will be given full access to this Proprietary Information. The overall idea behind this guide was to indicate to the reader the highly practical approach taken, being one of dividing the complex 12 Pillars of Wealth Creation into 120 relatively manageable Billionaire Building Blocks.  Simply build all of the Billionaire Building Blocks (by Learning, Understanding, Implementing and Maintaining them over Time) and in so doing you will have built all 12 of the Pillars of Wealth Creation.

Your Mentor will hand polish his delivery of the DollarBillionaire Wealth Mentoring Syllabus to suit your needs and your background.

The Overall Aim of our Mentoring:

Billionaire Class Wealth

DollarBillionaire ™ offers The Only Wealth Creation Mentoring System on the Planet that aims to Mentor you to Build Massive Billionaire Class Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ will Teach you to become a High-Performance Individual and will Mentor you in Wealth Creation Skills.

You can become a High-Performance Individual and it will be up to you to Implement these Skills to build your Billionaire Class Wealth.

You need to beware of the trap that ensnares so many potentially High-Performing individuals: that amazing job that comes with the promise of great earnings and elevated social status, but which steals your time, health, freedom and your wealth.

Primary Result Areas

Vastly Increased Success

You will be honed into a High-Performance Individual who may attain great heights of success.

Vastly Increased Revenues

Your Successes should result in Increased Revenue Flows as you continue to build your income-generating businesses.

Vastly Increased Wealth

You will learn skills to translate revenues into solid wealth.


Master of Business Administration


DollarBillionaire™ Mentorship


An MBA Is a Paper Business Degree – DBM is Wealth Creation Mentorship

An MBA is a Formal Business Education – DBM is Informal Wealth Creation Mentoring

MBA classes are One on Many Teaching – DBM is One on One Mentoring

The MBA syllabus is fixed for all students – DBM content is tailor-made to fit the student

MBA classes involve multiple temporary teachers – DBM involves one long term Mentor

An MBA takes 2 years Full-time – DBM takes 6 days Full-time

MBA training ceases after the 2 years – DBM mentoring is ongoing until Success is Achieved

An MBA leads to a Top Job – DBM leads to Wealth Creation and Retention

An MBA leads to Job Security – DBM leads to Financial Freedom

An MBA has a fixed shelf life – DBM knowledge is forever

An MBA teaches Management and Business Skills – DBM teaches Financial and Wealth Skills

An MBA teaches Business Creation – DBM teaches Wealth Creation

An MBA teaches a Revenue Mindset – DBM teaches a Billionaire Mindset

An MBA can lead to salaries of 2x to 3x those of equivalent non-MBAs – DBM can lead to true Wealth, even Billionaire status


What, Exactly, Is DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Creation Mentorship All About?

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring is Laser-Focused on Your Wealth Creation.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring is Willing and Able to Polish YOU into a World Class Wealth Generating High-Performance Individual.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring is Committed to You, Your Personal Growth, Your Vitality, Your Perseverance, Your Goals, Your Success, Your Prosperity, and Your Abundance.
DollarBillionaire ™is all about helping you to generate and retain Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring is all about Superior Wealth Mentorship to Create Extremely High-Performance Individuals who may go on to generate Wealth for themselves.
Mentoring Goal Driven Men and Women with the Express Intent of Creating High-Performance Individuals who will Successfully Generate Personal Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Creation Mentorship will give you the Knowledge, Skills and Financial Wisdom to become Extremely Wealthy.

Millionaire Status is no status at all. 

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Creation Mentorship will teach you how to far overshoot Millionaire Status.


There are more than 40 million millionaires on the planet!  Canada has a population of less than 40 million, at about 37 million.  So there are more dollar millionaires on the planet than there are Canadians in Canada.

There are almost twice as many millionaires in the world as there are people in the whole of Australia.

Millionaires are commonplace.  Nothing special at all.  If you own a partly paid off house then you are probably a millionaire already.   It just might not feel like it.  The way we see it, if your goal is to become a dollar millionaire, then you could probably achieve this going it alone.

Achieving more than millionaire status requires much more input and way greater smarts.  To achieve multi-millionaire status you will need to be quite outstanding.  To achieve billionaire status you need to be exceptional, a High-Performance Individual, someone who has been mentored in the rare art of creating wealth.

Achieving Billionaire status is our goal for you.

Make NO mistake about it, this is no feeble, ineffectual, weak, milk-and-water, spineless, limp-wristed, namby-pamby, self-development mentoring course with a  get rich feel to it.


Why do you think DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring is so coveted?

Why do Highly Driven Individuals forgo so much of their personal spending power to undergo this Intense Mentorship?



The reason is clear:


The Wealth Creation Mentorship that DollarBillionaire ™ delivers is Unique.


You will absolutely have to accept and expect a radical change in your life.

Think of this as The Most Extreme Form Of Growth that you will ever have to undergo in your life.  Period.


DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring will expect Absolute Commitment from You, and we, in turn, will be Totally Committed to You and Your Wealth Creation.


The DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentoring Syllabus

DollarBillionaire ™ has a Unique Wealth Mentoring Syllabus that our Mentors teach.  A powerful part of which is our Proprietary set of Billionaire Building Blocks.  Learn and Understand the Billionaire Building Blocks one by one.  Focus on the Implementation of that Billionaire Building Block.   Make it a part of who you are and continue to implement it in your daily life.  Then take hold of the next Billionaire Building Block and repeat the internalization process, while retaining all of the prior Billionaire Building Blocks in place.  There are 120 Billionaire Building Blocks in all.  Follow this process to achieve great wealth.

How to Become a DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Creation Mentee

You need to Apply for DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring.

You need to be Accepted by DollarBillionaire ™ as a DollarBillionaire ™ Mentee.

You need to pay the DollarBillionaire ™ Mentoring Fee.

Acceptance or not generally takes 3 days.

There are few things more Valuable to people than Monetary Wealth.

Time is one of them.

We can teach you to Create more Wealth, but Time is Finite.

We are prepared to bet that you are a procrastinator.

Are we correct in this guess?

What are you waiting for?   A Sign?  Christmas?  A Fairy Godmother?

Your First Step to create a change in your Wealth is to do something that you have not done before.

Apply for Mentorship with DollarBillionaire ™ and stay the course.

Finding and Paying a Mentor is an Excellent Investment.

Probably THE best investment that you can make.

Do you think it strange to invest $20 000 in a property?  No, you might well think this acceptable, if not a tiny amount.  So do we.  If well selected, a property can be a great investment, yielding rental income and escalating value of the property itself.
Then why would you think it strange to invest in yourself?   In so doing you are potentially making the best investment of your life, out-performing any possible investment including any property, and yielding multiple and growing streams of revenue, culminating in the accumulation of massive wealth for yourself.
A property is a fixed immovable asset, that can be vandalized, burnt down or otherwise destroyed.  Financial Wisdom and the Ability to Create Massive Wealth is a Priceless Portable Asset, an asset that no-one can ever take away from you.

According to the Forbes Rankings, there are only about 2028 Dollar Billionaires worldwide.
Without help, your chances of joining their ranks are slim to none.

You can Learn the Secrets to Creating Millionaire and Billionaire Wealth.

Who You Were and Who You Are Does Not Matter

You can be a high school drop out.

You might have gone to jail.

You might be an MBA with many businesses behind you.

You might be the CEO of a large corporation.

You might be a frustrated housewife.

You might be a bright teenager.

You might be a Millionaire seeking much much more.


You can be any of these people, or someone better, or someone worse.

That is acceptable.   You can still become Wealthy.

As long as you Do Something!  Pull the Trigger!  Take Action!



When you become a DollarBillionaire ™ Mentee, DollarBillionaire ™ will:

  • Make you the Focus and Reason for our Existence. 100% 100%
  • Listen to all that you say and get to know you extremely well. 100% 100%
  • Create a personalised delivery of our Wealth Creation Mentoring Toolset tailored to you and your needs. 100% 100%
  • Verbalise and Teach the Toolset to you in such a fashion that you can understand, absorb, become, retain in memory, recollect, and implement as needed, the Toolset. 100% 100%
  • Help to keep you Motivated and Driven to action your new knowledge and skills. 100% 100%
  • Challenge you to achieve ever greater heights of Success, Power, Monetary Revenue, Financial Abundance, and Financial Wealth. 100% 100%
  • Stretch you to your Personal Limit, and beyond. 100% 100%

Wealth Potential Tests.

Find out if you have Wealth Potential.

Find out if you have Millionaire Potential.

Find out if you have Billionaire Potential.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship enables you to Create Wealth.

We will Empower you to Generate as much Wealth as you desire, be it Millionaire Status or even Billionaire Status.

DollarBillionaire ™ will Mentor you on how to Develop the Power Skills that you will need to Wield in order to Effectively hold on to your Extreme Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship is NOT for the Average Joe.
You need to be Ultra Serious about your Success, your Prosperity, your Abundance and your Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship is all about Extreme Success, Impressive Prosperity, Colossal Abundance and Massive Wealth.



Individual results will vary based on your ability to learn and to implement what you have learned.

Extreme Success Mentoring

By Extreme Success, we mean that you should be able to afford much much more than just a great house and a fancy car.  We mean success that creates massive wealth, multi-millionaire class wealth, billionaire class wealth.

Impressive Prosperity Mentoring

By Prosperity we mean that you lack for absolutely nothing, your barrel is overflowing, your storage barns are full and your fields are yielding bumper crops.

Colossal Abundance Mentoring

By Abundance, we mean that you have so much of everything that you are giving stuff away, to all that politely ask.  You are supporting all of your favorite charities and your entire extended family wants for nothing.

Massive Wealth Mentoring

By Massive Wealth, we mean that you could never spend your wealth in ten normal lifetimes.  By massive wealth, we mean that you would have to give away large chunks of it to even make a small dent in the extent of your wealth.

If you are Absolutely Serious about your Success and your Money in 2022, and if you insist on accumulating Wealth, then DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship is something that you should strongly consider applying for.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship

DollarBillionaire ™ MENTORSHIP is a Wealth Creation Mentorship System.  We Mentor Aspiring Dollar Billionaires,  and Aspiring Dollar Millionaires.

DollarBillionaire ™ World Class Wealth Creation Mentorship.

Any man or woman can become Extremely Wealthy, given the right Wealth Creation Mentorship.  No prior Studies needed.

What IS needed from you is:


Teach-ability, memory, IQ, emotional intelligence, emotional maturity, health, inner strength, ability to focus, personality, self esteem, self confidence, courage, assertiveness, self discipline, self motivation, vision, passion, empathy, gratitude, integrity, drive, energy levels, determination, commitment, perseverance, persistence, resilience, adaptability, creativity, ability to innovate, hard work, diligence and skill.




Above are some of the qualities that DollarBillionaire ™ will nurture and cultivate in you.




Billionaire Success Habits are Crucial to Wealth Creation.  Millionaire Success Habits are Crucial to Wealth Creation.


Billionaire Success Secrets can be learnt.  Millionaire Success Secrets can be learnt.


You need DollarBillionaire ™  Wealth Mentorship. 

You need Millionaire and Billionaire Success Habits.

You need Millionaire and Billionaire Success Secrets.


Wealth Creation

If what you seek is the Creation of Wealth, AND if you are Deadly Serious about the Success of your Quest, then Welcome to the Beginning of your Journey to Abundance and Prosperity.

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentors Men and Woman of all ages.

Your age, race, sex and religion are not matters that concern us. All are welcome to apply for our mentoring services.


DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship for Men

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship is for men of all ages up to 70.    Our Mentors will always make tweaks and modifications to the delivery of the Mentorship to suit the Person, not the Age or Gender.

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentoring is for Women Too.

There is only One Woman in the list of Top 20 Wealthiest People in the World.  There are nineteen men.

DollarBillionaire ™ intends to help even this out.

Excellent Female Wealth Mentoring Programs are hard to find.

Women are as welcome as the men are to apply for Mentorship at DollarBillionaire
Women will undergo the exact same Intense and Demanding DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship as the men do.


DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship for Women

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship is not only for men.  DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship is for Women too.  In every way possible!  Women are Excellent Wealth Creators and they will follow the exact same DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship Program as for men.  Our Mentors will always make tweaks and modifications to the delivery of the Mentorship to suit the Person, not the Gender.


DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship for Youth 15 and above.

DollarBillionaire ™ Wealth Mentorship is not only for adults.  DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship is for children and young adults too.   The young are Excellent Potential Wealth Creators and they will follow the exact same DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship Program as for men and women.  Our Mentors will always make tweaks and modifications to the delivery of the Mentorship to suit the Person, not the age.

Creating Millionaire and Billionaire Wealth will be Tough, but Achievable.

The Processes behind this will include the Optimizing of the Effectiveness of your MIND, your MINDSET, your WORLDVIEW, your SELF ESTEEM, your BODY, and your DRIVE.

We will need to instill in you new Business Management Skills, Business Wisdom, Focusing Skills, a Deep Understanding of the Processes and Techniques of Business Management, and of Wealth Creation. We will also steep you in the Knowledge, Skills, Tricks, and Expertise needed to build a Successful, Growing, Profitable Business Empire.

There is much, much more to our Proprietary Mentorship Systems, but we will only reveal the full process to our Mentees.

The time it takes will depend on YOU, your ability to listen, to understand, to learn, to absorb, to remember, to implement, and your levels of self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-application.

To qualify for our Mentorship you need to be a male or female aged 15 to 70, with intelligence, creativity, perseverance, tenaciousness, determination, drive, vigor, resilience, integrity, and teach-ability.

If this describes you then we can and will work together with you to achieve your goal of achieving Success and Wealth.

DollarBillionaire ™: World Class Mentorship for Wealth Creation, Wealth Investment, and Wealth Retention.

DollarBillionaire ™ delivers Personally Tailored Mentorship of Successful, Highly Driven, Self Motivating  Men and Women, with the express goal of assisting these individuals to Create, Invest and Retain Wealth.

“School teaches you to Read and Write.   University teaches you to hold down a Job.  An MBA empowers you to command a very high paying job.  All of the above are limited in their wealth creation potential.  DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship teaches you Wealth Creation, leading to Personal and Financial Freedom.” – Barron Hall

What DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship Does

DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship is a Unique Mentorship Opportunity.  If you apply and if you are accepted, you will be molded into an individual who has the knowledge to enable him to be capable of generating great Wealth by our Chief Mentor and Consultant for DollarBillionaire ™, Barron Hall.  Read that last sentence again slowly.  For less than the cost of a stock standard MBA – which will teach you how to hold down a high paying J.O.B. – DollarBillionaire ™ Mentorship will put you on a path to something far greater – Entrepreneurship, Business Ownership, Wealth, and Financial and Personal Freedom.

Why Are Some People Mega Wealthy?

Billionaires.  Millionaires.  Are they Special People?  What makes them Special People?  Is their Wealth their Inalienable Right?


Do Billionaires and Millionaires work harder?

Do Billionaires and Millionaires work longer hours?

Are Billionaires and Millionaires Smarter and More Capable?

Do you really want to know how to become a Billionaire or a Millionaire?

Wealthy people sleep, laugh, cry, feel pain, eat supper, get colds and get fat.  They are no different from Joe Average in that they are human too.
They do differ from normal people in the Knowledge that they possess, how they Think, their Decision Making Processes and their Habits and Rituals.

Billionaires and Millionaires have a Unique Mindset.
Billionaires and Millionaires have an Advanced World View.
They THINK differently to normal people.  And they ACT differently to normal people.

All of these attributes, the KNOWLEDGE, the THOUGHT PROCESSES, the DECISION-MAKING PROCESSES, the HABITS, the  RITUALS, can be learned if you have the right Wealth Mentor to teach you.

The Mega Wealth Secret To Beat All Wealth Secrets.


Billionaire Class Wealth comes from WITHIN THE PERSON.

It is YOU.

It Is Who You Are.

It is Your Mindset, Your World-View, Your Habits, Your Rituals, Your Knowledge, and Your Personal Attributes, being your teach-ability, memory, IQ, emotional intelligence, emotional maturity, your health, your inner strength, your ability to focus, your personality, self esteem, self confidence, courage, assertiveness, self discipline, self motivation, vision, passion, empathy, gratitude, integrity, drive, energy levels, determination, commitment, perseverance, persistence, resilience, adaptability, creativity, ability to innovate, hard work, diligence and skill.

Not uncontrollable factors like where you were born, or how many degrees you have, or how much wealth you have to start with, or any other EXTERNAL FACTORS.  This is such incredibly good news because this aspect is under your control.  You CAN CHANGE.
You can be Mentored into the you that you need to become to create Billionaire and Millionaire Class Wealth.

To create Mega Billionaire Class Wealth we need to optimize YOU.

We need to CUT and POLISH YOU just as if you were an UNCUT FLAWLESS DIAMOND.

This is exactly what DollarBillionaire ™ will do if you Apply for our Mentorship and are accepted by DollarBillionaire ™ as a Mentee.

What is a Dollar Billionaire?

How many millions make a billion?

A million is equal to a thousand thousands.
A billion is equal to a thousand million.

Therefore 1 billion Dollars is equal to 1,000 million Dollars.

Gather 1000,  Dollar Millionaires each with a Wealth of $1 Million.  Pool ALL their wealth, and you will have the equivalent of ONE Dollar Billionaire.

If you make a Million Dollars every year, it will take you 1000 years to become a Dollar Billionaire.
If you make 10 Million Dollars every year, it will take you 100 years to become a Dollar Billionaire.

What is the Probability of Becoming a USA $$$ Dollar Billionaire?


How many Billionaires are there in the World?
What is a Billionaire?
What is the Definition of a Billionaire?


There are about 2200 USA $$$ Dollar Billionaires on the Planet.
Let us add in the uncountables, those who do not appear on Forbes Billionaire List,  and we have about 2500 Billionaires, globally.
The world population is about 8 Billion People.
This is 8 000 000 000 people.

So, if you are a normal person, the probability of becoming a USA $$$ Dollar Billionaire is 2500/8000000000 = 0.0000003125.
Yes, there are SIX zeros after the decimal point.
Put another way, if you are a normal person, the odds are 1 in 3.2 Million that you would become a USA $$$ Dollar Billionaire.
Those are not odds that someone should bet against.
Face it.
You are not going to be a USA $$$ Dollar Billionaire.
Not without some secret sauce.


The KEY PHRASE in the above calculation is “if you are a normal person”.
To give yourself a fighting chance, a realistic probability,  you have to be:

  • Abnormal – remember, normal did not cut it
  • Hugely different
  • Set apart from the crowd
  • Knowledgeable
  • Savvy
  • Driven
  • Wise
  • Self-disciplined
  • Self-motivated
  • Intelligent
  • Creative
  • Persevering
  • Tenacious
  • Determined
  • Vital
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful
  • Given a leg up
  • Given Help
  • Given a Head start
  • Schooled in Business
  • Schooled in Wealth Creation
  • Schooled in Managing Power
  • Schooled in Business Warfare
  • Schooled in Essential Wealth Creation Knowledge, Skills, Tricks, and Expertise
  • Schooled in Optimizing the Effectiveness of a person’s Mind, Mindset, Worldview, Self Esteem, Body, Drive, Creativity, Self Application, Self Motivation, Self Discipline, Perseverance, Financial And Personal Habits.

In other words, Mentored, by DollarBillionaire ™.

So we suggest that you go ahead, do the abnormal, hugely different, set apart from the crowd, savvy, wise, intelligent thing. Find our Apply for Mentorship Button.  And Press it.  It normally hangs around at the bottom of the screen.

Wealth Creates Financial Freedom and Personal Freedom

DollarBillionaire ™ : World Class Mentorship for Wealth Creation.

“Do not run out of runway before you take off.” –  Barron Hall

“If you desire to see far, stand on the shoulders of men of wisdom” – Adapted from Sir Isaac Newton by Barron Hall

“The Level of Success that you achieve will never exceed your level of Personal Development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.  Invest in yourself before you invest in assets.” – Adapted from JIM ROHN by Barron Hall

“There exists a set of crucial mistakes that a man can make that will forever entrap him into poverty or mediocrity.  Avoiding these is one of the keys to creating Massive Wealth, knowing what they are is Financial Wisdom” –  Barron Hall

“Desire without Discipline is Delusion” –  Barron Hall

“Excuses for Failure are abhorred by the Rich” – Barron Hall

“If you are not a self motivating, self improving, self disciplined man or woman, get a JOB” –  Barron Hall

“To measure the Greatness of any Man, count how many men or women he has Mentored into greatness” –  Barron Hall

“Its not what you know that makes you successful, rather it’s what you DON’T KNOW that prevents you from being Successful” –  Barron Hall

7 Vital Truths regarding Massive Wealth:

1 – You will probably never, ever, be a Billionaire or Multi-Millionaire.  Do you know how to create Massive Billionaire class Wealth?

2 – No Degree, No MBA, or any other formal Qualification will ever teach you how to become a Billionaire or a Multi-Millionaire.  Do not be deceived, these formal qualifications are designed to teach you how to have a great job, and no more.

3 – You absolutely can be taught how to become a Billionaire or a Multi-Millionaire.  Again, to repeat for effect, you can be taught how to become wealthy.  This knowledge is yours to own – if you can find the right mentor who is prepared to teach you.

4 – If you own this invaluable knowledge, then just like Donald Trump, even if you find yourself in massive debt, you will be able to rebuild your wealth.  Owning this knowledge will be your most valuable asset, no matter how wealthy you become.

5 – Very, very few people know how to teach this skill-set – the skill-set required to become Wealthy.

6 – Even FEWER people are PREPARED to teach this skill-set – the skill-set required to become a Billionaire or a Multi-Millionaire.

7 – DollarBillionaire’s Chief Mentor, Barron Hall, is prepared to teach you the skills required to generate Billionaire Class Wealth, and how to keep it, if you are a dedicated, determined individual focused on the creation of your own Personal Wealth.


Work hard at your job and you can make a living. 

Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.


What our recent Mentees are Saying

Freda - Oakville, Canada. 26 June 2019.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hello Barron,

Thank you for the excellent information and after the 6 days face to face mentoring, l have learnt a lot from you and l am empowered to go and implement my new skills. I am really blessed to have you as my mentor.

Hello Barron,

This program has exposed me to many wealth creation methods which have equipped me for the near future. I am energized to go to out there and implement these billionaire building blocks to change my life for best. This has been very beneficial in so many areas and made me focus more on health, wealth, and spiritual as a complete mentoring system.You are such a blessing in my life . Thank you Barron.

Freda - Oakville, Canada. 23 June 2019.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Henry E - Johannesburg, South Africa. 15 Dec 2020.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Greetings Barron,

Amazing is all I can say.  I do not know how I did it but I did!  I do not even have a job but since implementing what you taught me I have bought and paid off 2 properties!!  One is over 4 acres.  And now my cash pile has grown to a level I have never experienced before.  I feel rich, I am rich!  and I know it is only going to get better.  I was hesitant to part with the mentoring fee but I have now recouped it back many times over.  I will advise anyone considering this step to jump for the chance if accepted as a mentee.  Thank you for doing what you do and for the way that you have changed my life.  At a time when many of my friends are struggling, what with the stuff going on now, I know that my future is extremely rosy.  My next goal is to hit the multi-millionaire bracket in 2021.      

Hello Barron,

I just had to tell you.  The latest investment that I have made following your advice is doing extremely well.  What I put in has grown by over 4x in 1 week!!  I just would not have believed this until I experienced it.  I made more in the last week than I ever earned in any year of working at a job.  Well, I have now laid the seeds of growth as you advised me and I fully expect to be a multi-millionaire before the end of 2021.  My money is working for me!!  Its so great to not have a job and still make vastly more than my hardworking friends.  I am so looking forward to the big B!  But 1st I am going to nail the Multi-M.  The day I started implementing your advice was a turning point for my life.  Thankyou for the patient way in which you taught me stuff.

PS I googled 'best wealth mentor in the world' and your name came up at the very top !  I can vouch for that.  

Henry E - Johannesburg, South Africa. 24 April 2021.

DollarBillionaire™ Mentee. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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